Our Mission

Where every business finds its next owner

Our Vision

Our Vision

Finding the future of your business
- Putting today's enterprises in the hands of tomorrow -

Our Nippon

There are many small and medium enterprises in Japan and they support the economy of the region.

Businesses that have been built over a long period of time have reached the timing of succession, and many executives are looking for handed over hands.

On the other hand, people with new perspectives, ability and will are seeking new opportunities.
However, the current situation is that the environment linking above two sides has not been fostered in Japan.

We provide all possibilities to intelligent challengers who own ownership, not mere "business baton touch", and by linking the business beyond age with companions with same ambition, thought and region to contributing to economic development and creating the ecosystem that produces many enterprisers in Japan.

Our Service

From 2009 to 2014, the number of business in Japan declined by 390,000. The big factor lies in the closure of small companies. Despite companies being profitable compared to survivors, many are forced to go out of business because no successor is found for the business.

We provide the platform that realizes "business continuity" for the people who are interested in these opportunities. In doing so, we aspire to help Japan become a global enterprise producing nation.