Business Market Co., Ltd.
President  Kazumasa Omote
Where every business finds its next owner
Thank you very much for your interest in Business Market Co., Ltd.
We were founded in November 2016 with the aim of revitalizing the business succession market in Japan.
Thinking about the environment surrounding business succession in Japan, as the whole Japanese society is faced with the aging problem, business owners are also older and would like to succeed their business to the next generation. Meanwhile, as the number of companies in each statistic since 2000 has been decreasing, contrary to the increasing needs for business succession, business succession has not been carried out smoothly at present.
However, the issue is limited to connecting the two groups
Equally important, the current market environment was created by the current stakeholders, so we prioritize revitalizing the market with all stakeholders' interests in mind, including existing concepts and legacies.
We understand the concerns of both sides: "It is hard to find and meet people interested in  succeeding my company." "I want a second chance to find success."
It is with this knowledge that we will create a better business succession and M&A market for all stakeholders.

After graduating from Tokyo University of Science, participated in Mercuria Investment in 2017 after passing through NCR Japan, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Members, Softbank and Cloud Works.

Inaugurated as a representative of the business market in Aug. 2017.
In Cloudworks, I was established and managed an investment subsidiary. Through sourcing of investment and M&A pipelines.

I am keenly aware of the necessity of developing an ecosystem in Japan.

Currently, driving Business Market Launch to Establish Entrepreneurship Development Platform and 

Activate Investment and M&A Market.